Patrick Gaffaney

Profile Updated: June 19, 2015
Husband, Wife, Partner? Elaine Rosalie Hanson
Education? Bachelor"s; Hotel, Restaurant, Instructional Mamagement (UMC)
AS Degree Culinary Arts (Anoka-Hennepin More…Tech.
Peter Goodenburg Institute (Chicago Ill.)
Residing in?

Thief River Falls, MN

Where else have you lived?

Mpls until 1978, Thief river Falls since

Do you still have family in the Glenwood area?

No But a lot of relations

Children & Grandchildren

Jason (Deceased) Dec 1st. 1974--Dec 1 st. 1974
Rabecca (Becky) (Deceased) Nov. 8th 1976---Dec. 29th 2009; Julie
Jeniffer (Jeni) Children: Bryce, Airanna, Mariah, Kenya
Theresa (TT) Kayla
Patricia (Patty) Paytyn, Bentley
Timothy Allan (Timmy)

Comments: What have you been up to since you graduated?

When we Moved to TRFalls, it was a Lonely for us. Elaine and I had two little girls, Elaine didn't know anybody and I was on the Road most of the time. New years 1979 resolution was to get involved. The next Sundays bulletin from St. Bernard's was a note. "If you are interested in Scouting come to this meet" so I went. I was elected as a asst. Cub Master. Since that day in 1979 to Present I have worked with the Boy Scout. I earned every award for Adults Local, District and Council.

Knights of Columbus: I been active since High School, Held every Office in our local council, and have helded office on State and Surpreme level. In 2010 I was inducted in to the Minn. K of C Hall of Fame.

I Have Played Santa Clause for the Past 30 years

I was also Named Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce 1999 Volunteer of the Year.

Favorite TV show, Book or Movie

TV; Walker Texas Ranger. and Westerns

Books; The North and South, werterns

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In the early years, I did woodworking: Furniture, Wooden Toys, Cradles and Christmas Scenes. when I started to get involved in Scouting it change to; Learther work, Carving, Tin projects' a long with outdoor cooking. Which I still enjoy doing these things. Since Becky got sick and sat all those long hours by her bed (She was in a coma for 4 months) I started to make Rosaries again. I had got started when I was 9 and pulled my little sisters hair. To day I have Rosaries all over the world. Some of the countries that I remember are South Afica, South America, France, Italy, Russia to much a few.


When the girls was younger we traveled Minn. State Parks. we all so followed the KCIC (knights of columbus International camping program)
Since that is were Elaine and I meet. FT. Frances, Canada.

Elaine and I Chaperoned 9 Girls to Roma and then took the train over the Alp's to Paris. For the World Youth Program.

We use to travel with are Catering business, Kanas City, Winnipeg, Calgary and many other places. that's how our business was named Mobo Hobo Catering

What would surprise us to know about you?

After College I was sent three applications to teach on the college level.
UMC Crookston; HRI program
Anonka-Hennepin tech. Culinary Arts
Staple tech. Culinar arts

But, The biggest surpriise is that I go out as Inspirational Speaker. I Have spoken at Hospital and College Programs and also the National Brain Trauma Care Givers assciation in St. Paul MN 2010. I tell Becky's Story and about not give up when things look the worst. That with God's help anything is possible.

their is a new event that happened this Christmas season. I retired as Santa after filling that roll for 30 years. The Thief River Time did a story on my retirement the name of the article Though Santa's glasses. date was Dec 11, 2013

School Story:

It was as one of the last Play's that Mr. Paulson Directed. He was late and we were all ready, so I got up and started to imitate him, since I had helped with all of his Plays since 7th grade. Suddenly I ciuld hear laughter in the back stage area, this went on about 15 to 20 mins. then one of the actresses pointed out in the auditorium. I turned around and there was Mr. Pauslson standing there. I thought that I was in big troulbe but being Mr. Paulson he just said "I will give you a "B" on that performance".


I'm a part time cook at St. Bernard's School working 4 hours a day. And I really love working with all those children.

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Happy Birthday Michael and many more

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A very happy and memorable Birthday LINDA

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Happy Birthday

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Mark I will be in Glenwood on Monday July 30th for a sanitation class for my food license at the Chamber of commerce Building. The class will run until about 1:30 and so if I could meet with I will be able to register for the 50th reunion at that time and order the Mug my phone # is (218) 689-9077 if you want to contact me I think I'll get something to eat before I head back,

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Happy Birthday Linda

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Happy Birthday have a Great Day

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You have a great day as all of us is getting to that age

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you have a great day and a blessed one also, I'm in therapy right now as I had a complete revise rebuilding of my right shoulder on the 15th of May

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